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Susan McDonald
Meditation Instructor

I became involved in meditation practice over thirty years ago, and have gone the whole gamut -- from involvement with the Spiritualist Church, Hands-on-Healing, Reiki, and so on.  But, about 20 some odd years ago I started to look for something deeper and was introduced to the Dharma Centre of Canada and Namgyal Rinpoche.  I had a health food store at the time with a huge teaching area on the second floor and we hosted many teachers from many disciplines (from the legendary Ailo Gaup to Lama Mark Webber).  We had ecstatic dance teachers, yoga, meditation, and everything else you could think of -- but eventually I settled into the meditation practices taught by Namgyal Rinpoche and his students -- and my life certainly changed after that!

Namgyal Rinpoche embraced both Eastern and Western traditions and our meditation for beginners will cover the very basics, the same basics you'd find in any and all religions that value mindfulness and peace.

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